- 210 years of history, 210 years of incredible moments. -

It was no easy task to pick only 12.
Deep dive into our history through 12 videos illustrating the shaping moments of the brand.

“Fear nothing. Only believe.”

Taking it back to 1882. It begins with one man’s vision to revolutionise transportation. Starting with bicycles and then advancing to automobiles, Armand’s passion for anything on wheels and a keen curiosity to do things differently are what’s driven PEUGEOT throughout the ages.

One of the most epic, dangerous and wild hill climbs of the planet.

In 1998 and ’99 the PEUGEOT 406 T16 won the international hill climb twice in a row. 25 years up the track, the PEUGEOT lion roars again – this time with Sébastien LOEB. He didn’t just win. He smashed the record and set new standards for this epic race to the clouds.

One number. One car. One icon.

Elegant, modern and almost more of a fashion statement than a family salon, the PEUGEOT 404 was conceived 60 years ago from the avant-garde designs of Pininfarina. Since then it’s been remade into various versions including a super luxe, a convertible and a station wagon.