Get on board with zero-emission driving with a PEUGEOT electric vehicle for business. From utility vehicles and city cars for companies to modular leisure activity vehicles, find the vehicle that best meets your professional needs in our range of electric vehicles.
Combining innovative design and cutting-edge technologies, PEUGEOT 100% electric cars also have remarkable environmental performance.



What are the advantages for the driver?

As part of your professional activity, enjoy a range of driving benefits by purchasing an electric car:
– Improved driving comfort with quiet engines and reduced vibrations
– Zero CO2 emissions
– PEUGEOT services dedicated to electric cars
– Quick and intuitive charging
– Accessible charging points anywhere and at any time

What are the benefits for the company?

Having an electric vehicle has many advantages for your company:
– Exemption from Company Vehicles Tax
– The environmental bonus: state aid of up to €4,000 for a zero-emission vehicle in Flanders
– Tax deductibility of up to 100% for companies from 2020
– Road registration taxes Flanders Leasing: €495 and Annual road tax Flanders Leasing: €81.97
– Optimised Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
– A contribution to the CO2 reduction of your fleet
– Significant savings on fuel expenditure
– A commitment to corporate social responsibility
– Unrestricted access to city centres




There is no need to rent or buy the battery, the Lithium-ion batteries in PEUGEOT electric cars are included in the vehicle’s rent. With a driving range of up to 340 km WLTP for the e-208 and a capacity of 140 Wh 136 hp for the e-208 , PEUGEOT electric vehicles follow you on all your business journeys.
Guaranteed for 8 years/160,000 km and for 70% of the battery’s charging capacity for the e-208 , PEUGEOT batteries lose little charging capacity over time. This warranty remains valid even if you resell the vehicle or purchase the vehicle second hand.





PEUGEOT offers a selection of ways to finance your electric vehicle. Simply choose the one that best meets your requirements.

Take a look at Contract Hire with Free2Move Lease, Groupe PSA’s long-term leasing company.
Enjoy an electric company car with monthly lease payments to suit your needs and your budget. One of the advantages of this financing is that it includes a variety of services that you select to meet your professional needs, such as maintenance, repairs and breakdown assistance.
At the end of your Contract Hire contract, choose another new vehicle or return the used one.

Like Contract Hire, Rental with Option to Purchase (leasing) gives you an electric company car in return for monthly lease payments.

At the end of this financing contract, you have the option to purchase the electric vehicle in return for a purchase option payment.

Finally, you can finance your PEUGEOT electric car with PEUGEOT credit.

This simple financing solution lets you choose the term of your repayment so that you can adjust the monthly payments to suit your budget. Your electric vehicle can be financed for up to 100% of the purchase price.



MyPeugeot App

The MYPEUGEOT app lets you view the following information any time, anywhere:

– The vehicle’s charge progress and status
– The consumption statistics of your journeys

You can also control certain vehicle functions remotely, directly via the app so as not to use your battery during your journeys:

– Activation, stopping and scheduling of charging

– Configuration of thermal pre-conditioning of the passenger compartment (air conditioning/heating)